Sunday, April 17, 2011

Samar climbers join world record try

CATBALOGAN CITY – In part of celebrating the country’s Independence Day and to help break a world record, nature lovers and mountain enthusiasts from Samar provinces will also join Filipino climbers from all over the country to summit various climbing destinations simultaneously on June 10-13, this year.

Dubbed as The Freedom Climb 2011, the event is aimed to create a new criterion in the Guinness Book of World Records and set a worldwide record for the most people to summit different peaks within 24 hours period.

The current record is: The largest number of people climbing mountains at the same time took place during the "Big Event" on September 10, 2000 when 600 people simultaneously scaled 112 mountains in the United Kingdom and Ireland in a day period.

The national organizers advised interested individual or groups to coordinate with the local offices of the Local Government Units (LGU), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Tourism (DOT), Philippine National Police (PNP), and a Local Mountaineering Group who will likewise endorse the participant and the assign mountain for approval.

In Samar Island, the Centro Outdoor Sports Unlimited (CENTRO), a non-profit, non government organization based in Catbalogan volunteered to gather interested participants from three Samar provinces for a united and systematic climb. The group is now inviting everyone (must be healthy and fit to climb mountain) to complete the 20 persons available slots.

The CENTRO group is known for organizing outdoor events in the entire island of Samar. For the past eight years, they had hosted “Annual Caving Events” which participated in by people from all over the country. It also helped the local government in marketing and promoting various tourism destinations of the province.

“An national organizers hine nga 2011 FREEDOM CLIMB en nag-aaro hin P300 nga rehistro ha kada tawo nga maapi - amo ine an pinaka importante nga rekisitos para han ngatanan nga maapi hine nga aktibidad. Pero ine nga Registration Fee nira kutob la an pagbayad yana nga Abril 30, 2011, lumahos na ngani han Abril 30, 2011 an rehistro en aada na ha P400 - ira ito patakaran dire kanan CENTRO.... Waray pagsusukton bisan piso an CENTRO, hi kita la an magtitirok para magkadurungan la kita pagsaka ngan paglusad ngadto ngan tikang ha Mount Kapudlusan,” Rommel Rutor of Centro Outdoor Sports told this Stringer.

Meanwhile, aside from nurturing national unity, the event aims “to promote environmental awareness, conservation, preservation and protection; to campaign advocacies for responsible sportsmanship, synergism among individuals and groups, and to unite the mountaineering community to achieve greater good.”
Another objective of the annual climb is: “to set new world records, plant trees in the mountains, promote tourism, honor the Philippine heroes, and to unite all Filipino mountaineers.”

In a Facebook page created for this purpose, the CENTRO group encouraged every Samareno to have a vital role on this event as “it is not only help boosting our national pride (but will also) uplift the morale of mountaineers and would-be enthusiasts, rejuvenate environmental awareness and create a positive image of you and the mountaineering community in the Philippines as it become a major player in the world when it comes to mountaineering.”

“Para han mga taga Isla Han Samar, an nakalista nga sasak-on nga bukid, upod han Climb Marshalls han Centro, amo an Mount Kapudlusan nga nahimumutang ha bungto han Maydolong, Eastern Samar,” Rutor said.

During this day, an official “Adjudicator” and representative of Guinness World Records will be coming over to the Philippines from the United Kingdom to announce and authenticate the historic feat. Every participating group will be given certification and special recognition coming from the organizers and Guinness World Records.

Interested participants joining this significant event, the Centro Climb Marshalls gave their contact numbers such as 09207675444 (Ricky), 09292235130 (Rommel) or search the Facebook Page “Freedom Climb 2011 (Samar Island Forum)” for other details and reservation.