Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Photos on Holyweek Adventures in Maasin

Just arrived from the first camping site, others setting up their tents, others just keep on smiling on who are the ones clicking their camera's. Indeed, they are good models for a close up toothpaste.

Camping site, this is not a good shot though i just wanna put this picture up for grab..

Opps, its an stolen shot, but luckily, I managed to throw back a smile. And wait, she made it slipped to the scene too.

Two of the coolest guys on Earth, My two good fellas. Till we climb again buddies.

Group pix mga amigos, amigas. Everybody seemed to be aware who to take shots. Its a long and winding steps ahead - going to the chapel-cave in Maasin.


FreeZeBox said...

nice travelblog bro... continue posting your adventure pics and stories.. hehe mabuhay ang mga laagan..

blackphox said...

sir, may i know the campsite in maasin? are there any guides i could contact? thanks...

you may email me at