Friday, May 01, 2009

More photos up for grab fellas: Holyweek Event

Photo taken @ cavern chapel:Our Lady of Assumption; The trek-hike to the chapel-cave is indeed worth for the trip. You should go there for a relief.

While our comrades are busy crawling and swimming inside the cave, Me and Irene are also busy in our unforgettable swimming at the Cagnito-an Falls, we're both wet and able hehe..

Am I look tired? Actually yes, but I wish you saw my other fellas, they're dead tired. It's a long and exhausive trekking, on broad day light huh..

It's me and Marriane, Val and Susie at our background. All showed eagerness to walk the jungle, its still a fresh starting line anyway. uu

Jhun Ty, Billy, Me and the Princess Diance.. Say cheese this is a free shot! Let's get it on buddies!

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