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CENTRO's History:

As what has been posted at our homepage, we are Samar-based journalists who endeavored into coming up with an institution that can contribute on its own way in providing alternative livelihoods to Samarnons.

The concept was authored when the anti-mining advocacy in Samar Island spread with enormous support from different sectors of society, thus making some Samarnons asked Why mining should not be permitted? What are we going to do with our mineral resources? What livelihood then can we expect if we won't allow mining?

Our effort unbraggingly has succeeded at its initial stage in the Municipality of San Jorge, Samar - thus, we decided for it to continue due to the request of those who witnessed CENTRO's contribution in alleviating Samarnons livelihood condition - but of course in our own right.

We have here, our AFFILIATES and NETWORKS:

1. The Philippine Caving Society (PCS) - One of the only 2 grottos of the National Speleological Society (NSS-USA), and serves as our Cave Guiding Training Partner.

2. Samar Adventure Service (SAMAD) - Our partner and ally in promoting Samar's Tourism Industry, Rommel is a Documnetor of this private company.

3. Baktasi Adventures (BAK-AD) - Our Northern Samar affiliate headed by Oscar Melkie who works at the N. Samar Capitol Tourism Office, the 2006 host of the 4th National Congress on Visayas Caves.

4. Pro-Cavers Cebu - Our over-all consultant for our various events and activities headed by Bruce Ragas.

5. Adventours Unlimited - Our Manila-based network, a private travel company specializing mainly on Adventure Alternatives.

6. Tribu Hibatang Mountaineers - based in Calbayog City, Samar.

Today, CENTRO is a registered owner of the yearly activity NATIONAL CONGRESS IN THE VISAYAS CAVES (now on its 4th year) and the key initiator of the SAMAR-NEGROS TOURISM CONNECTION last year.

And with your future help and support in our pursuit to reach more Samarnons and providing them more training (in ADVENTURE TOUR GUIDING), we are inviting you OUR FRIENDS to make use of our services, and you will be assured of an exhilirating yet the safest ADVENTURE in Samar; plus you help our beneficiaries earn a decent living.

Please take note that professional tour guiding, does not simply mean navigating the guests to a particular sight, but likewise it involves excellent planning and coordination with the community and other entities that the guest will probably come across into, and most of all pleasing the guest to best of a tour guide's capacity.

The CENTRO OUTDOOR SPORTS UNLIMITED is an organization of experienced tour guides, from adventure to a simple R&R package, and beside, it is the only group in the Province of Samar that offers the cheapest package rates, you will know the answer why?

Click on this link for further details:

Please don't forget to sign in the guest book, and leave your request, comment or suggestions, as we are more than willing to assist you to the best we can.

For Love of OUTDOORS!

CENTRO - Ricky


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