Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Some of the best photos taken in our Danglay Summiting, Nov., 05, 2005

MOUNTAINEERS BUCKLE-UP! - Climbers from five different outdoor groups in Samar Island led by CENTRO Outdoor Sports Unlimited are getting ready for the trek towards Mount Danglay Summit. The weather is not good, making the mountain slopes quite slippery and dangerous, but the show must go on, and up they go!

COMMUNITY IMMERSION - The climbers exchange pleasantries with the villagers halfway up to the summit and do some coconut husking while taking rest.

THE AUTHOR Ricky Bautista, who just celebrated his birthday during a night beach camping in Gloritess, the jump-off point of the trek, raised his two hands up after successfully scaling the slippery limestone and vertical cliffs of the Mt. Danglay Summit.

BREAK CAMP READY TO DESCEND. The mountaineers, all ready and packed posed before going into another hard descend in the dangerous cliffs. After the descend, they immediately proceeded to their next destination - the Rawis Cave Exploration.(The three minors in photos serves as our guide in the trek).

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