Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More photos on Rawis Caves - Nov. 06, 2005

THE RAWIS CAVES - Magnificent stalactite-stalagmite rock formations inside the chambers of the cave located in a community-based 100 hectares ecotourism destination in Basey, Samar managed by a people's association organized and trained by the Local Government Unit of Basey, Samar.

THE CAVE ENTRANCE - Located at the foot of a cliff, the main entrance of the cave can be reach by at least 45 minutes of casual walk from the nearest village of Brgy. Rawis.

THE CAVE CURTAINS - some of the impressive rock formations inside the Rawis Cave includes curtains-like, kneeling 'dragon,' and some saint image-like mystical rock formations.

THE 'BAKED' PAN - If anyone would only look closely on this image, they will really say, this was a 'baked' pan of 'diamonds.' But its not, for some geology experts, this is something only them can explain what is this. As of the moment, i am on research how this formations formed.

THE MYSTICAL FORMATION - The "Mama Mary" like formation inside this amazing cave continues attracting guests and curious visitors throughout the countryside.

OHH, THIS THING CALLED CAVE PEARL - This pearl discovered inside this cave is one of the hnudred reasons of the cavers why caves should be preserved along with other natural resources. The other caves in Samar, that so far, has "cave pearls" is the Guinbag-sangan Caves in San Jorge, Samar.

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